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Projects & Facilities @ Rasuna Epicentrum Kuningan

A four-star hotel consisting of 160 bedroom suites situated conveniently within the Rasuna Epicentrum superblock.
Consisting of 144 one /two bedroom suites with 92% average occupancy rate and approximately 60% long staying guests, managed by Aston International Indonesia.

An exclusive membership sport center located in Rasuna Epicentrum area with 22,783 sqm of useable space.
Strategically located in CBD Jakarta, Elite Club Epicentrum offers its members and guests an environment which supports health, fitness and social activities. Natural landscape, open air spaces and extensive use of natural light in the main building provides members and their guests a welcome oasis from the bustling schedule of day to day life.

Leasable retail space of 11,288 sqm located in Rasuna Epicentrum superblock with occupancy rate of 68.4%.
Pasar Festival, sight of the future sports and entertainment district, will undergo a redevelopment phase that will turn it into an eye-catching destination.
A grade-A 48-storey office tower with 61,000 sqm of useable area strategically located in the heart of the Jakarta golden triangle. With its amazing twists and interlocking design, Bakrie Tower will be a new landmark in Jakarta prime CBD. 

Two condominium towers with 440 units situated conveniently in the Rasuna Epicentrum. The Grove Condominium offers much more than urban-living experience, it’s a sanctuary in the heart of the city.

Fully furnished strata title suits nestled in Rasuna Epicentrum one of the prime area in Jakarta.
The Grove suites stands out from the crowd with its exceptional level of quality managed by a 5 star hotel chain, The Grand Aston International.

Nine condominium towers with a unique configuration of a curve.
This organic massing form presents the utmost comfort and view from any angles. With a lush green landscape concept it’s the social place to be in.

Two low-rise shop and strata-title office buildings with 27,000 sqm useable space located in Rasuna Epicentrum area.
A combination of outdoor & indoor lifestyle retail & entertainment activities.

Epicentrum Walk (EpiWalk) Entertainment & Lifestyle Hub and Office Suites
Anchored tenants: Epicentrum XXI Cinema, Apple Flagship Store, and Farmers Market

Rabu, 19 Januari 2011


Dengan Hormat,

         Sebelumnya kami ingin memperkenalkan bahwa kami adalah PT. Bakrie Swasakti Utama. Sebagai developer kawasan Superblok terbesar di Central Bussiness District (CBD) Jakarta. Rasuna Epicentrum, terletak strategis di Segitiga Emas, Jl. H.R. Rasuna said Kuningan, Jakarta. Rasuna Epicentrum merupakan kawasan terpadu seluas 53.5 Ha dan akan berkembang menjadi 70 Ha, yang akan dilengkapi dengan; Apartment Towers, Hotel, Office Towers, Lifestyle & Shopping Centre, Concert Hall, TV Studio & Gallery, dan River Walk layaknya sebuah perkotaan yang tertata rapi.
        Previously, we want to introduce that we are PT. Bakrie Swasakti Utama. As the developer of the largest superblock area in the Central Bussiness District (CBD) Jakarta. Rasuna Epicentrum, strategically located in the Golden Triangle, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kuningan, Jakarta. Rasuna Epicentrum is an integrated area covering 53.5 hectares and will expand to 70 hectares, which will be equipped with; Apartment Towers, Hotel, Office Towers, Lifestyle & Shopping Centre, Concert Hall, TV Studio & Gallery, and River Walk like a neat urban .
 A mega project spearheaded by PT Bakrieland Development Tbk., it is the most grandiose undertaking ever made by an entity that will mark Jakarta as one of the World’s Destination City.
This project is established in an area of more than 50 hectares within the Kuningan vicinity. A paragon of all projects, this makes Rasuna Epicentrum a city within a city and eventually be celebrated as the Lifestyle Capital of Jakarta. It will be Jakarta’s largest integrated “live, work and play” center.

A venue of hip cafĂ©’s and restaurants, exhibits, live cultural and new era entertainment, boutique and various branded outlets, high rise office buildings and small business offices, the Rasuna Epicentrum will nest a fresh new wave of residents.

The Rasuna Epicentrum will not only upgrade the quality of living in Jakarta but moreover, eventually contribute to boost the country’s economy as well.

         PT. BAKRIE SWASAKTI UTAMA (PT.BSU), Selaku Developer Apartemen dan Office yang terkemuka dan terpercaya di kawasan CBD. Project-project yang sudah kami kembangkan antara lain ; Apartemen Taman Rasuna, Aston Rasuna Residence, 18th Residence dan Rasuna Office Park Tahap 1, 2 dan 3. Produk-produk yang kami sedang pasarkan sekarang ini terdiri dari:
          PT. BAKRIE SWASAKTI UTAMA (PT.BSU),  As a leading and trusted Apartment and Office Developer in the CBD area. Projects that already we have developed, among others; Apartment Taman Rasuna, Aston Rasuna Residence, 18th Rasuna Residence and Office Park Phase 1, 2 and 3. Our products are marketed now consists of:

     Dengan konsep Twisting & Interlocking yang berdiri anggun dengan bentuk seperti gerakan tubuh penari yang meliuk berputar dengan ketinggian 53 lantai. Tower ini akan menjadi landmarknya Jakarta. Tower ini sudah topping Off pada bulan Juni 2008. Dan sudah mulai beroperasi pada 31 Maret tahun 2010.
     By Twisting & interlocking concepts which stands gracefully with the form such as body movement dancers winding rotates with a height of 53 floors. This will be a landmark tower in Jakarta. Tower is already topped off in June 2008. And has commenced operations on March 31, 2010.

     Dengan bangunan 7 lantai serta ares terbuka & pedestrian luas yang menghubungkan antar gedung, memadukan suasana kerja dan entertainment Seperti: bioskop XXI dengan hall yang luas, butik terkenal seperti Kate Spade, Guess, LINEA, Urban KItchen & Loewy, Starbucks Cafe, Ministry of Sound, Crispy Creme, Farmers Market, dll. Epicentrum walk, Nokia, Apple akan menjadi lifestyle di Rasuna Said Kuningan. Starting luas 37Sqm, free overtime. Pembangunan serah terima pada bulan November 2009 dan sudah mulai beroperasi pada 26 Maret 2010.
     With 7 floors of buildings and open arrest and pedestrian area that links between buildings, combining work atmosphere and entertainment like: XXI cinema with spacious halls, famous boutiques such as Kate Spade, Guess, LINEA, Urban Kitchen & Loewy, Starbucks Cafe, Ministry of Sound , Crispy Creme, Farmers Market, etc.. Epicentrum walk, Nokia, Apple will become a lifestyle in Rasuna Said Kuningan. Starting wide 37Sqm, free overtime. Development handover in November 2009 and has commenced operations on March 26th, 2010.

      Mengusung  konsep sanctuary in capital yang akan menciptakan suasana keteduhan di tengah kota dengan operator gedung bertaraf hotel berbintang 5. Tersedia private Lift & common Lift, semi furnish (Marble floor, Air Conditioning, Kitchen cabinet & Water heater). Hanya selangkah ke epicentrum Walk, memudahkan penghuni The Grove untuk berbelanja di Farmers Market, shopping di butik ternama dan nonton di bioskop. Serah terima The Grove Private pada 31 Juni 2011 dan Common 31 Desember 2011.
      Carrying the concept of sanctuary in capital that will create atmosphere of calm in the middle of town with a carrier-class building 5-star resort. Available Private Elevator & Elevator common, semi furnish (Marble floor, air conditioning, Kitchen cabinets & Water heater). Just step into epicentrum Walk, residents of The Grove makes it easy to shop at Farmers Market, shopping at boutiques and a movie at the cinema. The Grove Private handover on June 31st, 2011 and The Grove Common December 31st, 2011 

      Merupakan lux service apartemen yang dilengkapi sarana dan prasarana hotel berbintang 5 dikelola oleh Grand Aston International dengan rental guarantee 9% untuk 1 tahun pertama, 10% untuk tahun kedua dan 11% untuk tahun ketiga. Fully furnished, free maintenance fee. Bebas biaya: service charge, listrik, air & maintenance selama 15 tahun. Dan fasilitas menginap 25 POIN / tahun. Serah terima pada bulan 31 Desember 2010.
      Equipped for lux service apartments and a 5-star hotel infrastructure is managed by Grand Aston International  with rental guarantee of 9% for first 1 year, 10% for the second year and 11% for the third year. Fully furnished, free maintenance fees. Free of charge: service charge, electricity, water & maintenance for 15 years. And facilities to stay 25 POINTS / year. Handover in December 31st, 2010.

      Merupakan apartemen terbaru di Rasuna Epicentrum yang Mengusung konsep green architecture sehingga banyak menciptakan ruang-ruang terbuka hijau sebanyak mungkin (60% taman, 40% hunian). Tersedia 1 kamar s/d 2 kamar. Phase 1 akan serah terima untuk Tower Coral pada 31 Juni 2011 dan Tower Sand pada 31 Agustus 2011. Harga mulai dari Rp 500jt'an.
       Is the newest apartment at Rasuna Epicentrum that Carrying the concept of green architecture to create green open spaces as much as possible (60% garden, 40% occupancy). Available 1 bedroom to 2 bedroom. Phase 1 will be handed over to the Coral Tower on June 31, 2011 and Sand Tower on August 31, 2011.Prices start from USD 500jt'an.

Untuk memberikan gambaran lebih lanjut kami berharap Bapak / Ibu dapat menyempatkan waktu untuk berkunjung melihat Show unit dan site Project Rasuna Epicentrum di Marketing Gallery Rasuna Epicentrum Jl. H.R Rasuna Said Kuningan, Jakarta 12960.
To provide further illustration we hope that Mr / Mrs to take the time to come see the show unit and Project site at Rasuna Epicentrum Marketing Gallery Rasuna Jl. H.R Rasuna Said Kuningan, Jakarta 12960.

Demikan penawaran ini kami sampaikan, atas perhatian Bapak / Ibu saya ucapkan terima kasih
Similarly, we are thank you hereby offer for your attention Mr / Ms 

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